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Mindfulness: Spiritual Abuse?

Spiritual Abuse in MINDFULNESS  (by Linda Cone:  Retired Calif Teacher)
10-7-2020 (speech given at the Orange County Dpt of Education)
  When I attended the Multi-Tiered System of Support Educational Conference in the Summer of 2019, sponsored by OC Dpt of Education, in the exhibit hall, they were selling Buddha Bowl Ringers.  I was told by the representative that these Buddha bowls are rung during school time to initiate mindful meditation in children. 

Here is a picture from the Calif Educator Magazine of children practicing “Mindfulness”.  (Calif Educator: Oct/Nov 2019, Vol 24, Issue 2)
Tell me, doesn’t it look like these children are praying?   As a former debate teacher, language, to me, is very important.  As I read the curriculum and watch the videos teaching children unlimited gender choices based on their FEELINGS, I see there is a parallel of terms between the MINDFULESS and GENDER TEACHINGS.  

For example:  The coloring page about Gender from Black Lives Matter Curriculum says:  Everybody has the right to CHOOSE their own gender by LISTENING to their OWN HEART AND MIND.  Everyone gets to CHOOSE if they are a girl, boy, BOTH, NEITHER, or SOMETHING ELSE, and NO ONE else gets to choose for them.  In the AMAZE Gender Spectrum Cartoon promoted by the CDE, it says:  “Gender Identity is a person’s INNER EXPERIENCE, their DEEP PERSONAL sense of being male, female, a blend of both or neither”.   In the Mindfulness pamphlet from the MTSS conference it says, Mindfulness teaches students how to “pay attention” and “explore” their “inner life” and “feelings”.  

In the AMAZE.ORG Puberty Blocker Cartoon it says “If you FEEL you want more time to EXPLORE your gender before your body starts to change….. puberty blockers give you more time to EXPLORE  inner FEELINGS about your gender.  Are you seeing the overlap of terms here, between gender teachings and Mindfulness?  Listen to your heart and mind, explore your feelings, know your inner authentic self”

On Sept 29, 2020, Governor Newsom passed AB 2218, which funds medical treatments such as puberty blockers and hormone therapy for minors with tax dollars.  

Interestingly enough, AB 2218,  not ONLY funds medical treatments, but it ALSO funds GUIDED MEDITATION, SPIRITUAL CARE and NONDENOMINATIONAL THERAPY.  

The Calif Dpt of Education passed a new term in May 2019 called  SPIRITUAL ABUSE.  This is defined as “using religion to justify rigid gender roles” which means, if you limit gender to biology, you are now considered an abuser.


However, the state is the one spiritually abusing and manipulating children with the combination of gender indoctrination and guided meditation to explore their gender choices.  This spiritual practice in schools with the use of a Buddha Bowl ringers is cleverly labeled MINDFULNESS.