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Public School Unsafe for People of Orthodox Faith (Brenda's Speech 10-20)

Speech Given By Brenda Lebsack: 10-7-2020 at OC Dpt of Ed
Documentation of HATE SPEECH from CTA Leadership

Public Schools are NOT SAFE for Teachers and Students of FAITH
The Calif Dpt of Education now recommends teachings to our children, that have NEVER been in public education before.   Teachings on unlimited gender choices based on a child’s feelings and teachings that promote non-monogamous relationships.  The State Board of Education even tried to approve teachings on Sado-Masochism, Sexual Bondage, Restraint, and Blood Play as “inclusive readings”  for grades 9-12  in the 2019 Health Framework, but parents, from all over the state, flooded them with opposition, so the State Board of Education RELUCTANTLY removed it.  I know, because I was there in Sacramento.

In March 2016, I attended the Equity and Human Rights Teachers Union Conference.  At the end of one of the workshops, I asked the presenter, a highly esteemed CTA lobbyist, this question..   I said, “Sir, when I used to teach High School English in Las Vegas, I had very diverse classes of students.  During a class discussion where marriage and gender came up, one of my Mormon students raised his hand and said, “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman and that gender is God ordained.”  I asked the CTA Leader, “Sir, how should’ve I handled that situation to respect the diversity of ALL my students?”  His answer SHOCKED ME.  He said, “You should treat that student as though he said ‘Black people should be burned at the stake’”.   I was speechless.

In December 2017, I attended the GLBT Teachers Union Conference.  This time I did not go alone.  A Hispanic Catholic retired Superintendent and a Christian teacher attended the conference with me.  I told them my experience with the lobbyist and said, ‘Let’s find out if this is how other CTA leaders think’.

 Together we attended a workshop called: Creating a Safe Place  led by a Caucus President.    During the workshop I raised my hand in front of about 30 educators.   I told him what the Union Lobbyist said to me, and asked if he agreed with his answer.  Without hesitation he said, “Yes, of course”.  There were no gasps in the room and his agreement to the statement was left unchallenged.  This same CTA Leader has been highly honored by the NEA as the Champion of Inclusive Education  and serves on many state advisory committees for educational laws and policies.  

In Nov 2015, at the GLBT CTA Conference, during a keynote speech, the President of CTA (at that time) Eric Heins, called the plaintiffs of the Friedrich Supreme Court Case  “Spawns of Satan”.  The Plaintiffs of this case, happened to also be the Christian Educators Association, of which I am a member.   So you think people of faith should feel safe with these words of hate and prejudice?   Are Orthodox Catholic, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish, students safe in our public schools anymore?  Or will their religious beliefs label them as the KKK?  These educational Union leaders who promote anti-racism, anti-bullying, and anti-hate are the worst offenders.  As a Christian Teacher, I do NOT feel safe.  Parents who do not adhere to the ideologies of unlimited genders, should NOT feel safe.  

Because PARENTS:  if your child, after being taught these things, decides to identify as BOTH or NEITHER gender with pronouns of THEY or ZE, regardless of their age, if you DO NOT affirm your child’s identity, you will be accused of SPIRITUAL ABUSE and the state could take custody of your child.   This is a HORRIFYING TRUTH.  And the legal entrapments have been set in place with the help of CTA, Fair Housing, CDE and Calif Legislators.